Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reaching Out

You can wait

like a great sad wolf

for the moon to rise,

or you can launch yourself flat

across the sky:

a pebble released

from fingers

to skip across waves,

clear the jagged white tips

of a shark mouth,

turn the tides


on aquamarine wine,

gawk at the beauty


chained to a rock,

spit, scream,


whatever it takes

to tear off that carcass

of a shell,

slip through


falling trident and

wonder at your wake

as you scale the ocean’s abyss,

soar up, above,

beyond the last port of call

and leave behind

a thousand thoughts,

a hundred hearts,

ten nicknames,

six degrees,

skim one


two last,

three lonely skims,

countless in all,

to the cold horizon

before succumbing

to the gulp

of salt,

a pebble sinking

just short

of the pink


(previously published in a UTS Anthology, 2005)

1 comment:

  1. Your poems are amazing and beautiful. The little secret, indescribable things that saunter through our lives wordlessly you somehow connect to the cosmos, just as it should be! Thanks x Naomi